Tuesday, January 31, 2012


If you know me well enough you would know that I have a fondness for daffodils. Growing up my front yard would be covered with the bright yellow flowers. It was the first sign of spring people would say, since daffodils bloom in late March. Before school in the morning I'd put on my jacket and run out in the yard picking the biggest and prettiest to take to my teachers or my grandma. Now that I'm grown up everytime I see one reminds me of being little and how happy giving a bright yellow flower to someone would make me feel :)
You can imagine my surprise when I came across a daffodil cake recipe. No not a cake just decorated in daffodils but an actual cake by that name. I was searching for a lemon frosting recipe and there it was, daffodil cake, a half lemon and angel food cake.
I love angel food cake it's one of my favorites. I've never made one from scratch, partly because it takes 12 eggs! I always have this feeling in the back of my mind that if I screw up I just wasted an entire carton of eggs and half a months breakfast (well really more like 6 days cause I eat two, but still!
It makes me want to make this. Possibly for my birthday... if I wait that long.

picture from vintage victuals blog find her here: VINTAGE VICTUALS

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