Sunday, June 12, 2011


Jonesie's bday was last month and he chose an Edwards Key Lime pie which is his favorite but we also wanted him to have a cake. I decided to just make it when I made George's cake for his bday which was today. Then he wouldn't feel left out.
Jonesie loves watching Monster Jam which is the monster truck show on speed. His favorite is the batman monster truck so we thought he'd love a monster jam cake. The night before I spent hours making royal icing squiggles to put on his and George's cakes. I only have one tip insert for the piping bags so I had to do one color icing at a time and it was time consuming mixing colors one at a time and trying to come up in advance what I needed made in each color. I pretty much always wing it and do a bunch of random things. For a non professional cake maker (i mean NON) haha I think they turned out okay. I have no artistic ability to draw anything and awful handwriting so making all these things was daunting.

When asking George what he wanted for his birthday he would always say he wanted a dress. hahaha We didn't want him to be disappointed on his bday and since it was just us I told my mom I'd just make him a dress cake. She told me to make it as "goddy" as possible cause he'd love it. And he did. haha :P

Yellow cake w/cream cheese icing and royal icing sugar thingies haha
FYI: cream cheese icing is not the most stable icing but I got to where I really hate buttercream icing and would rather it taste better than look perfect. But be forewarned after sitting out long enough to decorate and such the icing melted and the stuff started sliding/falling over.

gotta love the broken bird and plate of chips in the background

I was going to have the batman monster truck crushing the hot wheels but the truck was so big it would have smooshed half the cake and would have got icing all over it so I just set it on the side.

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