Thursday, March 29, 2012


Nanny turned 98 today :)

One of the very first photos I pinned on pinterest was for the dum dum sucker tree/bouquet. I knew I had to make this for Nanny. Her favorite candy are dumdums. All you need is a bag of 300 dumdums (yes I almost used them ALL) a foam floral ball, and a flower pot/vase. I used a beaded candle holder cause I was mailing it and didn't want it to break.
Jonesie, George, and I poked all the dum dums into the top of the ball and it turned out so unique and cute! I loved it and it meant more than just sending flowers.
My aunt texted me a picture of Nanny with the "bouquet" she loved it and wanted her picture taken with it. :) :)
I'm so happy I was able to find something she would like so much.

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