Wednesday, August 29, 2012


My first visit to the Asian Mart resulted in random but delicious items.
On a closer look around the store I noticed a boba machine behind the deli counter and immediately ordered a milk tea with pearls. It costs pretty much the same as it did in Cali. $3.03
I also bought the instant mix and a package of boba pearls. I'm drinking my homemade mix at the moment and it compares to what I've tried. My pearls are a bit harder so they probably need to soak longer after being boiled. I'm sure I'll perfect the recipe over time.

Bought Items:
coconut jelly strips
tapicoa strips
boba pearls
boba instant mix
bitter melon
rice noodles
fish sauce
hoison sauce
black fungus mushrooms

Stuffed Bitter Melon Recipe

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