Monday, August 27, 2012


(sorry I couldn't help it. the gangnam style song/video will forever be emblazoned on my memory)

The past 1.5 weeks I've had the luxury of trying many varieties of foods, Asian and western. I felt very much like the guy from Bizarre Foods. (Though I didn't have any unpleasant experiences like him haha)
I'm not picky when eating so I was very happy and willing to try whatever was offered. California offers so much variety in the types of food that many I'd never seen or heard of living in Oklahoma. A lot of the foods we eat a lot of here you don't see offered there.
I also got my first lesson in how to use chopsticks. I was put more at ease when I noticed that everyone's technique was different. Let's say pho wasn't the easiest dish to learn on. haha After much laughing and encouragement I could at last accomplish eating a meal without a fork.
I can't wait to go to the Asian markets and see what is offered here.

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