Sunday, March 13, 2011




1/2 cup half & half or cream
1 tbsp sugar or sugar substitute
1/4 tsp vanilla
6 tbs rock salt (kosher or table salt will work if rock salt isn't available)
1 gallon size ziploc bag
2 pint size ziploc bags
(optional) blueberries or any fruit
toppings cookies, chocolate chips, sprinkles


Fill gallon size bag halfway with ice. Add salt. In pint size bag pour in half & half, sugar, and vanilla. Make sure the bag is sealed and double bag it in another pint size bag. Place double bagged mixture in gallon bag of ice. Place inside a large kitchen towel and shake and roll until ice cream is at desired thickness. Usually about 8-10 minutes. Eat or freeze immediately.

*Double bagging the mixture prevents any accidental leaking and also keeps the salty mixture off the bag so when you either pour the ice cream out or eat it out of the bag the ice cream doesn't get all salty.

*I just got finished reading a book called the "Lakehouse Cottage". In the back of the book were recipes including one for "Easy Icecream for Restless Kids".
I bookmarked it to make today with the boys. I was a little leery as to if it would actually turn out/taste okay. I was shocked that the end result tasted just like Mcdonald's vanilla icecream. The thickness was a little melty but partly because we stopped shaking early to eat. haha I added some frozen blueberries to mine and used 2 great value sugar substitute packets and it turned out great. You think just 1/2 cup of ice cream won't be very much but it's perfect.
The boys loved making it and added sprinkles to theirs.

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